Thursday, April 16, 2009


Opened in July 1979 with inspiration from all over the world by owner, operator Robert Mittiga in the West's Theatre site. Laced with mirror tiles , mirror balls, plush red velvet lounges amongst plants and trees. Possibly, was Adelaide's most sophisticated Disco Adelaide has seen and home to resident DJ Angelo Amato.


  1. Tony Mittiga ran Sinatra's and can still be seen wandering around Hindley st with a classic comb over and wearing smart suits drinking coffee near Bank st area these days and i still know him well. As i was around 15 back then in 1979 Tony used to give us 5c pieces to play pinball machines at his mates pinball parlour right next door called Rockys and straight across from Jules. I met Tony again in 2003 and have been friends since. He has old photo's at his home from the club back in those days all over his walls in his apartment.

  2. Tony Mittiga did not run Sinatra's

  3. Loved the laser show at Sinatra's (Angelo Amato) to The Robots (Kraftwerk). Also remember supper of either curry with rice or Bolognese on entering. Also the coat/cloak drop off before you go in. Fun times.